Your guide through the data

DataTata aims to tell interesting stories from history, politics, religion, movies, books and other non-programming interests of its author. *But* instead of just telling the story Datatata provides examples on how to find the datasets, explains the tools and techniques, and together with the reader asks the questions and finds the answers. My hope is that articles on this site will help not too technically savvy reader to learn how to get insights in a new manner - through the data.

Maratonci jure po Savamali

@prasenaibarskoj Kao veciti opozicionar i maratonac smatram da ne trepa mesati politiku i sport. Narocito ne na praznik kakav je bgd maraton

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Exploring major world dynasties through the family trees.

Trying to get a Good One

A story on history of crime in UK during XX century

Only The Good Die Young

A story of French Revolution through the data lenses